Meet Tyson

Belle & Barrister is the brainchild of Tyson Burns, a former attorney turned event planner. Throughout her career as a commercial litigator, Tyson sought opportunities outside the office to stretch her creative muscles, and nothing brought her more joy than when a friend or colleague needed help planning a special event. But what began as a creative outlet quickly became a calling when Tyson realized event planning allowed her to combine her eye for design (the Belle) with her lawyerly meticulousness (the Barrister), and Belle & Barrister was born!

Tyson strives to give her clients a stress-free experience by bringing extreme organization and a lawyer’s ability to foresee and plan for contingencies to every event. She loves bringing her clients’ visions to life, and will go above and beyond to do it, whether that means whipping out the sewing machine to make table runners out of that one perfect fabric, or poring over the computer to design custom invitations when nothing else seems quite right.


If you're looking for an event planner who is as comfortable negotiating contracts and managing budgets as she is designing a beautiful event space, then look no further.  Contact  us now to begin planning your special day!   

Tyson lives in wine country with her husband Mike [insert obvious joke here] and their cats George and Gracie.  She loves cooking, and is happy to spend hours in the kitchen testing recipes and inventing new ways to improve upon the classics.  In the summer she can be found cheering on the Oakland A’s with her dad, and in the fall she spends her Sundays rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals with her husband.  

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